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Meet the team of chiropractic doctors and professionals at our clinic.

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Lee Thomas

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Thomas grew up in Wadsworth, Ohio. Watching both of his parents struggle with health issues from a young age, he took an interest in living a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and exercise. In high school, after the passing of his mother, he began to explore healthcare more, and after a car accident, found himself for the first time in a Chiropractic office. While there, he began to discover something that would change the trajectory of his life forever. He learned about the ability of the body to function optimally by being properly aligned. This was the missing link, he felt, that was never talked about in health care. The concept of correcting causes of problems rather than masking symptoms, which is what chiropractic care was founded upon, was something he wanted to share to help empower people to live their best life.

He received his degree in Human Biology and Microbiology from Ohio State in 2008, completing all of his pre-chiropractic course work. While finishing school, he met his wife in a volleyball class, and to this point, they have lived happily ever after :P

Together, they opened RFC in December in 2013, becoming the youngest private chiropractic clinic owners in Ohio. Years later, they are still directly involved in patient care, and love seeing people come alive by aligning their health. Dr. Thomas has completed advanced training in structurally corrective chiropractic care, which helps to quickly and effectively align the spine to help the body function at its best. He also has completed advanced training courses in nutrition, detoxification, exercise physiology, and physical therapy. He has hosted Aligned with Life Radio, on 98.9FM and 880AM, since 2014. Other than spending time with his wife and children, his biggest passion is helping people reach their optimal health potential.

Dr. Marisa Marquis

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr Marisa has been practicing chiropractic since 2010. Prior to coming to Riverside Family Chiropractic in 2016, she was on a mission to change lives in London, England, where she and her husband helped build Europe’s first Max Living office. Chiropractic is in her blood—she has been adjusted since she was a baby and gave her daughter Alaina her first adjustment when she was only minutes old. Her London office won awards for the positive impact it had on the community. She is consistent in practicing what she preaches, as she and her extended family are all under chiropractic care. She is a recognized authority on spinal correction, has a passion for adjusting families, pregnant women, and working professionals. She is Webster-certified to work with pregnant women, has advanced certifications in spinal correction and nutrition, and has advanced training in pediatric care. Her husband has a PhD in historical theology, and her toddler daughter can often be seen ‘adjusting’ her teddy bear.

Dr. Brett Brodbeck

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Brett Brodbeck, joined the Riverside Family Chiropractic team in early 2019 as muscular and extremity injury specialist. He has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Toledo, a Master’s Degree from Ohio University, a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Life University, and has advanced certifications specializing in Functional Medicine and Functional Movement.

“My favorite thing about being a doctor who specializes in soft tissue injuries is getting people out of pain quickly and teaching them how to live pain-free. The other thing I like so much about practicing is bridging the gap between traditional medicine and alternative healthcare.” - Dr. Brodbeck

Dr. Brodbeck grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and moved to Ohio to play football for the University of Toledo in 2007. An injury his junior year sidelined him and he spent countless hours doing Physical Therapy and rehab. “After being a 2 year starter, not being able to play due to injury was one of the worst things that could’ve happened. However, this sparked my passion for fixing injuries quickly and returning athletes to play in the most efficient way possible.”

He enjoys playing guitar, singing, dancing, and having a good time. He likes to play golf, soccer, and volleyball. In his spare time, he likes to learn new things. Currently he is learning various programming and coding languages. “I am working on developing a mobile app to help people know what to do when they have injuries. I think this combination of healthcare and technology has the potential to make a global impact.”

Dr. Brodbeck enjoys spending time with his wife, Leah and 3 daughters. “I really love taking ‘my girls’ to try new things. I like to expose them to various cultures, languages, and foods that they would not typically see.”

In Case You Didn’t Know:
Dr. Brodbeck enjoys traveling and has done many interesting things. He fondly recalls a month-long trip to Europe to play soccer as an eighth-grader. This included Germany, Amsterdam, U.K., Belgium, Spain, and France. “I was fortunate to get this cultural exposure at such a young age. For the first time, I was able to see how people lived outside of the United States. I loved my time in Europe! However, I was happy to return home and sink my teeth into a big juicy cheeseburger.”

He has also been scuba diving with sea turtles in Hawaii, swam with sharks in Puerto Rico, gone fly fishing in Wyoming and ridden snowmobiles in regions that seemed like they have been untouched by man.

Dr. Matt Vincler

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Vincler was born and raised near Pittsburgh, PA. Received his Psychology degree from The College of Wooster in Wooster, OH where he also was a four-year letter winner and co-captain of Wooster’s 1994 World Series Baseball Team. He earned his Chiropractic degree in 2001 from Life University – College of Chiropractic in Marietta, GA.

With over 18 years of experience (12+ in Columbus, OH), Dr. Vincler loves working with patients who want to reach higher with their health goals; and enjoys being part of the RFC team - as a leader in the field of corrective care offices - that focuses on the goal of correcting spinal curves.

When he’s not helping patients in the office, you’ll find Dr. Vincler with his wife Julie ... exploring Powell and Dublin’s newest walking trails around Bridge Park, running up and down the court with his weekly basketball group and rooting on Cleveland and Columbus sports teams (but still loyal to his Pittsburgh Steelers).

Our Staff

Our staff members work with our doctors every day to provide our patients with a professional and friendly experience.


Clinic Director

Tristan and her husband, Dr. Lee Thomas opened the practice in December of 2013. They have a huge passion for helping people by restoring not only their health but their hope and love for life by delivering the five essentials of MaxLiving.

Tristan graduated from Ohio State, where she received a bachelors degree in economics and business. She is a certified health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She received additional training to coach clients in living a ketogenic lifestyle.

When she is not in the office, she and Lee loves spending time and staying active with their two little boys, Liam and Landon.


Patient Care Coordinator

Tara has been a team member since May 2017, however her journey with the Health Center started 3 years prior as a patient. She is very active and health conscious which makes her very passionate about helping others with their health goals and progress. Tara resides in Powell with her husband Cory, son Nixon, daughter Isla and dog Penny.


Office Manager

Toshia was born and raised in Tennessee and spent the majority of the last 10 years working seasonally and traveling the country with her husband Justin. They love camping, hiking and exploring new places. They moved to Ohio in the fall of 2018, finally ready to put down some roots.

Toshia’s work background is mostly in the hospitality industry, but when she moved to Ohio she wanted to work in an environment that gave her real purpose, and the opportunity to make a positive change in the world. Riverside Family Chiropractic has given her that and so much more.


Patient Liaison

Sam started as a patient in our office over a year ago. She initially came in with severe neck pain and headaches caused from years of playing soccer. She is now pain free, headache free, and can continue playing the sport she loves.

Sam recently got engaged to her fiancé Josh, they moved into a new home together, and will eventually want to start a family together. She knew it was time for a career change and when she heard about the opportunity to join our team, she knew this was the change she was looking for. Sam is our new patient liaison and handles our in patient process to ensure each person who walks through our door feels welcomed and apart of our family.


Schedule Coordinator

Angel lives, dreams and eats health and fitness every day of her life. She enjoys supporting people and empowering them through all walks of life. She wants to share her passion with others who have the aspiration to become a healthier stronger version of themselves.

She has two children; and although balancing family and a career may be hard sometimes, she believes that finding time for yourself and your health is very important (an excellent example for any family).

In her spare time, Angel enjoys time with her family and friends, traveling, painting, cooking, and spending time outdoors. She is very excited to be part of Riverside Family Chiropractic.


He's more than our team mascot!

Murphy is a Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier that loves to swim in his swimming pool at home; but in the office, his activity of choice seems to be giving everyone that welcoming look to gently scratch him behind his ears. If he's not doing that - or trying to get someone to play tug-of-war with his red toy ... you'll find him catching a well-deserved nap.


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